Thursday, October 29, 2015

The Lie About Lace

Lace is empowering. Lingerie inspired clothing enhances a women's personality through the perceptions of her outfit. Throw away all of the controversies with lace accents, silky attire or satin shimmers, and wear them as personality embellishments.

Allison Massott, fashion student at Philadelphia University agrees, "lace makes me feel good!" Alli exclaims with such sass. She continues to explain the importance of women embracing femininity against sexism in the workplace and how women are enhanced by what they wear.

The stereotypical scenario in the office, a man is the CEO and below him are his female co-workers. In this scene he provokes condescending attitudes, women are inferior and man superior. Any feminist has stood behind the true power of a female. In this case, drapes of lace are drapes of confidence.

Women are the story and man the book, we stir up the conversations, spice up any day and sure as hell remain professional while doing it. Bold, work oriented yet still carry self-belief.

Thankfully people became more open minded in the 90's cause if not, we'd still be living in the 1800's! This time set forth the path to fashion fads, such as lingerie inspired clothing. Wearing lace does not symbolize those easy, stereotypical thoughts. It is added texture to any outfit that needs a pick-me-up that gives a vintage or victorian flare, nighttime accents and still resembles a classy a confident aura.

Incorporating lace or silk into an outfit seems to come from a 90's grunge look. Conceptualized today into more of an everyday wear. Now that the 70's era is reappearing, wrapping satin scarves around your neck tones down the outfit, reverting from any sexual imitations.

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