Thursday, September 24, 2015

Is This Evolution at the Emmy's?

Simplicity will always catch my eye, ESPECIALLY when it comes to her evolution from sporting a giant egg to the controversial meat costume. Lady Gaga stunts the most gorgeous black gown created by Brandon Maxwell at the 2015 Emmy Awards. 

I mean, Gaga defined showstopper in the most unrecognizable way. This was not what we were expecting! She compliments this new persona with natural, low maintenance hair and makeup. Not to worry though, she managed to keep the Gaga in the gown with a modern side detail quaintly accentuating her figure. 

Showing us that not only are women not to be treated like a piece of meat, we are confident and deserve to be looked up to as well, way to go Gaga!

Premiering on the upcoming season of American Horror Story, the singer has been killing it! Since Gaga always has a method to her madness, and analyzing her dress from the Emmys this could possibly foreshadow her character on AHS. Either way, we are all excited to see what she has next for her little Monsters. 

Catch Lady Gaga and the rest of the AHS cast on the new season 'Hotel' on October 7th on Fox!

Thursday, September 17, 2015

Life is a Sandbar with Tommy Hilfiger

I was transported to a breezy, tropical island filled with vibrant and cohesive colors experimenting with the bohemian-reggae style. Tommy Hilfiger, an American designer born in Elmira, New York and founded his own brand continues to offer apparel for men, women and children throughout the United States. Inspired by his beach house in Mustique he definitely brought the sun, sand and water with him to the runway. 

By creating the beachy scene, his designs came to life. The audience had their toes in the sand watching the models strut down the boardwalk enclosing a lagoon in the middle. Nothing says paradise like a few bronzed bodies and Jamaican vibes.

Passion in his heart, in 1995 his dedication awarded itself and was named Menswear Designer of the Year appointed by the CFDA. Ever since his start, Tommy's designs have become the norm for shoppers claiming his importance among the fashion industry. His runway presentation did nothing but exceed expectations.

The setting and flow of the garments caught my eye, immediately. If I could lay in the sun all year, I would and Tommy Hilfiger got me excited for Spring/Summer 2016 already!

He really brought out the image through this presentation and I enjoyed watching as the models breezed past. I felt relaxed, yet energetic. Where is summer?! He kept on trend with an emphasis on crochet, long flowing dresses, floral prints and a touch of silk.

I will no doubt be purchasing a few bathing suits from his SS16 line for my next vacation.  

Public School's Stomping Ground

New York City natives and designers of Public School, Dao-Yi Chow and Maxwell Osborne each grew up with a distinction for fashion and an intimate involvement defining people by what they wore. During NYFW, Their runway was more of an upscale club than traditional, the dimmed lighting and echoed music rested their audience in a funky atmosphere.

Not being able to seeing the row behind you or even your friend next to you because the garments on the models was the ray of light. This was an excellent portrayal of clothing. Before reputation and forming into a brand of just menswear in Spring 2008 with Barney's New York, the duo continued to work hard and stay dedicated to the brand they created. Later they were awarded with the CFDA's Menswear Designer of the Year award in June of 2013.

Public School played with their neutrals, black and white, hues of light blue, definitely navy and a peek-a-boo of tan. They carefully applied bright colors to their white garments and presented bold contrast and patterns.

Hip yet sporty and relaxed yet casual office day. The shoes say, gladiator but "I'm going to the gym today" and this is defined to me as comfort. Who doesn't love comfortable shoes?

I loved this runway show. As each model glided down the catwalk, I was already forming outfits with the pieces I would wear from this collection. The silk, baby blue striped boyfriend jacket brought me back to when I would watch Molly Ringwald movies in my PJs and drool over the concept of over-sized and structured.

Continually, the dark colors did give off a nocturnal vibe, so maybe these are nighttime-only styles. But, how could you resist Dao-Yi Chow's son bubbly and jumping into his fathers arm? What a way to end a show!

Clearly, Chow and Osborne qualify as reputable designers in the industry and with the success of NYFW, they expand their talents to becoming the creative directors of DKNY. We'll all be excited to see where the whirlwind of the fashion world takes them next.

Kanye for Yeezy Season II

Future Presidential Candidate, Kanye West showed his Yeezy Season II collection at NYFW and it was frankly simplistic. West is one of the best selling artists of all times, he is an American rapper, songwriter, record producer and as we now all know fashion designer.

Rows of stage lights covering the ceiling, dance studio flooring, echoes of baby North, forum seating each add to the plain-ness of the show's presentation. Best known for his musical inclination, Kanye personified the "gangsta" hip hop style and decided that it was time he wear another hat.

Model's are draped in earth neutrals and line up from darkest to lightest. Anticipation begins when after a minute of stand still, music is booming from the speakers of Kanye himself and yet, the models remain statuesque. Not until after the song does the designer reveal himself, excited and praised for his work.

After repeatedly watching Yeezy, I am unable to identify if I like it or dislike the show. I can understand his representation through his "gansta" styled and relaxed garments that the space provide nothing but what the clothes do. It makes me think, what was his statement?

What does he want us to know about him or Yeezy Season II? If he followed the traditional runway-styled fashion show, what would he have done?

Perhaps kept it almost zombie-like and military stance but either way this is a preview of what is to come next for Kanye. Although his clothes I may not prefer, his artistic and extremely expressive behaviors will applaud him later down the line.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Who is Dylan Heyer?

Sporting quite an "off duty model" look today, Dylan Heyer inspired me to unravel about his personal style.

"Its a mixture of different styles," he starts off, "because I can never decide on just one style. But my favorite style at the moment would have to be edgy, minimalist or kind of an 'off duty model' look. I draw a lot of inspiration from street style."
The 19 year-old transfer from Iowa State University carefully portrays. 

His love and enthusiasm for the world of fashion quietly speaks through his clothing, don't be fooled by his off-guard timidness and with his flip floppy responses - he knows what he's talking about, for sure!

Delving deeper, I totally feel he's got some laid back vibes. Quite frankly, Philly has been burning up yet I see that's not bothering Mr. Heyer since he is wearing jeans. Um, why?

"Well this is my second outfit of the day, it was hot but I wasn't going to let that effect my outfit of the day so I didn't want to wear shorts." That's serious outfit dedication. "I braved the heat and decided to wear pants but I was still hot enough to wear a tank top," Dylan explained so effortlessly and he totally looks simply fabulous!

As Dylan pointed out, he LOVES thrifting and one piece he sports today may be the most cheapest expensive purchase, "I thrifted these pants that were originally $150, but I got them for $1."

Wait, can I go shopping with you?? Dearly need to learn these tricks because, seriously I've totally got a dollar to spend on designer jeans. 

Just keep on nailing down your minimalist persona Dylan, it's definitely working!

Friday, September 4, 2015

VMAs: A Night Out With the Crew

So, I figured that to kick off my blog I can begin by just writing about my perspective on the fashion fad of the VMAs. With any other award show, the dress is usually formal. Celebrities show off their most expensive and flashy entourage created by their favorite designer. While this is probably the case for the VMAs there was a common trend that was captured as club-y or 2010 Lady Gaga inspired. 

There were a few celebrities that may not have gotten the message to wear their most costume-y piece such as Karlie Kloss, who was wearing a Louis Vuitton burnt orange studded dress. Although, I do give her credit for pairing it with shimmery gold gladiator sandals to add a touch of casualness to her look. Selena Gomez, while she does look stunning in black, showed her more conservative, "dinner party" side wearing Calvin Klein. Hailee Steinfeld covered in a white Stella McCartney jumpsuit, eye catching for sure but not in this discotheque setting (thanks to Jeremy Scott).  

I'd like to spotlight Vanessa Hudgens (she is my style inspiration), who strayed from the pack the right way. She's a summer trendsetter in a flowing Naeem Khan low cut dress that envisioned her as the ultimate flower child. While not Miley Cyrus level, who stood her own in Versace, she did not stray from her own persona. You go girl!

Denim, a choice for Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams from, in the words of Tyra Banks, "H to T". I'm totally pro-denim but, not a crazy look, not a bad look. Big Sean sported a denim jacket over a casual white Tee. And one of the most shocking, in my opinion, and only because we all know him as the ultimate douche-bag these past few years is Justin Bieber. Did he rid of all his baggy pants and more than oversized plain black T-shirts? Where is that smirk he wears so often trying to be someone that he's not? To be quite blunt, I loved his ensemble of blue jeans, black and white patterned button down under a metallic black leather jacket and not sneakers, but light brown and suede dress boots. It was quite contrary to other things he has worn before and normal at that! 

Miley Cyrus definitely set the costume-y trend for the evening and I for one know how to plan my next outfit for a night out! I'll probably go for a more FKA Twigs in a sexy black Versace, or Cara Delevingne in a flashy Yves Saint Laurent but, I get the gist! 

Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Hi there!

It is so exciting to officially start my FIRST blog and blog post! I am quite unfamiliar with this online community, but every week I am going to do my best to improve. 

Firstly, let me start by introducing myself. My name Meghan DeMeglio, some people call me Meg. This blog will consist of my perspectives on fashion topics today, as well as my journey through this educational and experiential roller coaster! Growing up there is so much of myself that I have never been able to decode. For example, what is my favorite color? How do I handle a sticky situation? Do I have a favorite genre of movie or book? But, most importantly to me is discovering my personal style. 

Personal style is the window to personalities and can be the key to self-acceptance. Once I began my freshman year here at PhilaU, I effortlessly grew into my true self. That being said, I would describe my personal style as elemental. Tribal vibes and earthly textures are what I live for, to become a subject of nature and use its artistic persona as a part of my own inspirational idea. I usually begin to fuse different styles together for a universal look. My ultimate goal when getting dressed is to feel comfy, whether its a type of shoe I'm wearing that day or textiles within my outfit. 

I believe in pure happiness for both myself and to give to others, and my intimate milestone to achieve is to become a well-rounded individual through meaningful experiences.