Thursday, October 8, 2015

Cozy Toes

Curled up in the plushest blanket, the breeze is heard through the window cracked open, and mother is baking her famous pumpkin pie. Autumn has arrived and my go-to, "I can't live without" accessory are funky, fluffy socks! How else will I keep my toes warm yet still looking cute? 

Fall/Winter seasons are a time for ultimate festivity. Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, ummm you know I am in every store that is selling crazy socks or stockings. Sure, I have my staple neutrals but, when the time comes to rock my orange and black striped thigh highs or rudolph socks (with jingle bells, of course!), I am showing them off in the most fashion-forward way possible. 

My friends are the ones who have a separate shoe closet, I'm the weirdo with a separate sock closet. I have so many I can't fit them all in one drawer! 

Who else can say they match their Halloween decorations, or Thanksgiving dinner with a pair of festive feet? ME! These toe coats give me life for my OOTD and I haven't come across someone who disagrees. 

Go ahead, wear the candy corn knee highs under your trendy leather boots to the office, no one has to know! Business on the outside, party on the inside. The perfect way to embrace your favorite holiday everyday of the week! 

They're costumes for your feet, heck if they make costumes for animals, why not? Trust me, your feet will thank you. 

Now, go out there and buy some socks!

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