Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Who is Dylan Heyer?

Sporting quite an "off duty model" look today, Dylan Heyer inspired me to unravel about his personal style.

"Its a mixture of different styles," he starts off, "because I can never decide on just one style. But my favorite style at the moment would have to be edgy, minimalist or kind of an 'off duty model' look. I draw a lot of inspiration from street style."
The 19 year-old transfer from Iowa State University carefully portrays. 

His love and enthusiasm for the world of fashion quietly speaks through his clothing, don't be fooled by his off-guard timidness and with his flip floppy responses - he knows what he's talking about, for sure!

Delving deeper, I totally feel he's got some laid back vibes. Quite frankly, Philly has been burning up yet I see that's not bothering Mr. Heyer since he is wearing jeans. Um, why?

"Well this is my second outfit of the day, it was hot but I wasn't going to let that effect my outfit of the day so I didn't want to wear shorts." That's serious outfit dedication. "I braved the heat and decided to wear pants but I was still hot enough to wear a tank top," Dylan explained so effortlessly and he totally looks simply fabulous!

As Dylan pointed out, he LOVES thrifting and one piece he sports today may be the most cheapest expensive purchase, "I thrifted these pants that were originally $150, but I got them for $1."

Wait, can I go shopping with you?? Dearly need to learn these tricks because, seriously I've totally got a dollar to spend on designer jeans. 

Just keep on nailing down your minimalist persona Dylan, it's definitely working!

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  1. Hi there, again! Nice rewrite. Good job! Thanks so much for giving it your all. See you Thursday, Elizabeth