Friday, September 4, 2015

VMAs: A Night Out With the Crew

So, I figured that to kick off my blog I can begin by just writing about my perspective on the fashion fad of the VMAs. With any other award show, the dress is usually formal. Celebrities show off their most expensive and flashy entourage created by their favorite designer. While this is probably the case for the VMAs there was a common trend that was captured as club-y or 2010 Lady Gaga inspired. 

There were a few celebrities that may not have gotten the message to wear their most costume-y piece such as Karlie Kloss, who was wearing a Louis Vuitton burnt orange studded dress. Although, I do give her credit for pairing it with shimmery gold gladiator sandals to add a touch of casualness to her look. Selena Gomez, while she does look stunning in black, showed her more conservative, "dinner party" side wearing Calvin Klein. Hailee Steinfeld covered in a white Stella McCartney jumpsuit, eye catching for sure but not in this discotheque setting (thanks to Jeremy Scott).  

I'd like to spotlight Vanessa Hudgens (she is my style inspiration), who strayed from the pack the right way. She's a summer trendsetter in a flowing Naeem Khan low cut dress that envisioned her as the ultimate flower child. While not Miley Cyrus level, who stood her own in Versace, she did not stray from her own persona. You go girl!

Denim, a choice for Helen Lasichanh and Pharrell Williams from, in the words of Tyra Banks, "H to T". I'm totally pro-denim but, not a crazy look, not a bad look. Big Sean sported a denim jacket over a casual white Tee. And one of the most shocking, in my opinion, and only because we all know him as the ultimate douche-bag these past few years is Justin Bieber. Did he rid of all his baggy pants and more than oversized plain black T-shirts? Where is that smirk he wears so often trying to be someone that he's not? To be quite blunt, I loved his ensemble of blue jeans, black and white patterned button down under a metallic black leather jacket and not sneakers, but light brown and suede dress boots. It was quite contrary to other things he has worn before and normal at that! 

Miley Cyrus definitely set the costume-y trend for the evening and I for one know how to plan my next outfit for a night out! I'll probably go for a more FKA Twigs in a sexy black Versace, or Cara Delevingne in a flashy Yves Saint Laurent but, I get the gist! 

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